The Ripple Effect of Foundation Culture

By Kevin Bolduc, vice president of assessment tools at the Center for Effective Philanthropy

Foundation staff matter. That was the main point of a series of data-based blog posts written by CEP President Phil Buchanan earlier this month. In the series’ penultimate post, Phil mentioned that, during the opening plenary at our May 2015 conference, I shared some of the strong connections in our data we see between grantee and staff experiences with and perceptions of the same foundations.

On the second day of our conference, I led a breakout session that focused on those connections. I’ll share more on that below, but something struck me about that second session. I was delighted the session had a full room — mostly of HR and operations staff, and a few program staff, as well.

But no CEOs joined. None chose that breakout, at least in my memory.